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Default ~ Giving Piers Anthony a Wink ~

Long fingers, twisted and arthritic, reached up and pulled the skein from its rack. Black, tenebrous eyes strained to see in the deep gloom of the cellar, but his eyes failed him. With a curse, he slammed the skein onto the table, sending a rusted patina flying; the serving vessel crashed against a pillar with a clang. The eyeballs that had been so nicely arranged atop the dish were now smashed globs of gunge on the floor: they had rolled down the slight declivity and were crushed against the cinder block wall. The man cursed.

“All this work for naught!” he cried into the dark. “How can I weave the fate of men if I cannot see?

Ever the solipsist, ever the sophist! A voice grated in his mind. A woman’s voice.

“How dare you! How dare you destroy my work!”

You pathetic creature, the voice continued. He shivered, though a furnace blasted hot air into the tiny room. Will you ever understand?

He roared with frustration. The room shuddered, wobbled; his already weakened vision gave out and the faded colors went black. He reached out and threw the skein to the dirty floor. “No!” he sobbed. “No, why must it always be so?” Tears ran from blind eyes and puddled on the table.

So now you understand... he thought he could sense her chuckle. You must know that you cannot play with the skein of mankind. Fate must always be a woman.
Blood spiders!

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