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Default Ever Young (240)

Joanne, comfortably seated in the carrel, turned her head, and looked out of the window. The tenebrous clouds had gathered overhead while she’d been working on her essay and were now breaking up. Her eyes followed a skein of geese flying low, making their way . . . where she wondered as she sat admiring the graceful creatures. She wished she could be as free, journey whenever, to wherever she wished, but no, her path, or should it be, the path chosen for her, was one of declivity. A path she was destined to follow, because it was the path he father had planned for her.

‘Work hard Joanne, become the girl I can be proud of.’ Her father’s repeated urging, always at the back of her mind, left Joanne, wondering if he even cared how she felt, if he had any idea what she wanted.

Joanne knew she only had to walk through the village, through the wooden gate into the open meadow and there he would be: the one person that made her life bearable.

Lost in solipsism, Joanne left the library and hurried to the meadow. She could see him even before she’d passed through the gate. She hip-hopped, her way to his side, her hair ruffled by the breeze that swept the green grass.

‘Robert Harris grinned, pulled his eight-year old frame up straight, looked at her with flushed cheeks and took her hand into his.