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Icon1 Kay Leavens

Hello you all, my name's Kay. want me to talk about myself? I don't like doing so, but alright...

My name is Kay Roseanne Leavens, and I am sixteen years old. the first thing you should know is I am a Christian. I will say that proudly and if you don't like it, I will pray for you.

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania called Nemacolin, it only has around 1,000 people. Everyone knows each other. I've lived her all my life, and so has my mother, and her mother, and so on.

I love photography, especially of nature. It's a good thing my boyfriend, Derek, is an artist; no one else would want to listen to my photo talk. Except my mother, of course, and Sara, my best friend. My other friends, Emma and Courtney, would rather talk about the latest trends in spring fashion.

My past? Well, my father died when I was only a year old. I don't remember him, but Mom says he loved photography too. I can't wait to get to heaven one day and see him.

You want to know what's going on now? I'm a little worried at the moment. I found a note in my backpack from an anonymous sender, saying I would suffer soon, and that same person called me on my phone. It has to be a prank, right? Because if it isn't, I don't know what I will do...

"The talent of writing is a gift from God."
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