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Default To Nelly (concerning the man who was killed by the trash compactor today)

Dear Nelly,

The trash compactor killed a man today.

He was new on the job. His name was Ralph Benedict. Ugly and odd name but he apparently came from English royalty. Don't know why he became a New Orleans trashman. He had a peculiar way of talking, kinda what you'd expect. Stuck up, but he cared a lot about us in the short time he got to know us.

We've been arguing over whether it was an accident or if he meant to throw himself into the compactor. Or if it was murder but that just seems silly because everybody liked him. And none of the guys want to go back to jail and most of us are pretty cleaned up.

This whole thing shook me up, Nelly. I was the one who found his body.

Love you. Miss you. See you soon.

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