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Dear Madge,

How are you sweet face? I miss your laugh. Visit me soon and bring me one of your new babby bunnies, I think I'm ready for some excitement in the house.

I was a selfish coward this week. I avoided the hospital. He doesn't want me there seeing him like that, he is angry and in a lot of pain. I don't want to see him like that. Hell, I never wanted to see him when he wasn't in pain. But come to think of it, he's always been in pain. This time the pain is just something I can see.

He spoke of his mother briefly on my last visit, how she used to hug him each morning. I know he misses her, I think he is hoping to see her when he dies. Doc is saying his liver is failing and there is nothing more she can do.

Tomorrow will be better. I will be stronger. I will go to the hospital and sit with him in his quiet, sterile room. I won't dwell on what we are not.


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