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Originally Posted by Cityboy View Post
You're ego needs taming.

BP, I'm sorry your family came from such a God-awful place. Mine reached these shores broke, rolled up their sleeves, and provided food and a roof to other members. The United States of America was no fictional place, neither was the past which presented opportunities the poor immigrants. Things were a bit different back then. The government wasn't handing out free things. We had family, we had friends, and we had community centers which gave to the needy. My grandparents didn't live in Oz. They lived in a love-filled community in New York City's Lower East Side. But, not only did the Italians appreciate that oasis, so did the Jews escaping Russia, the Blacks fleeing the South, and so many other nationalities who appreciated a second chance to make the best of their lives.

Who knows, maybe your grandparents were really happy but forgot to inform you. It's a possibility. I know the old folks I knew (relatives or not) were always smiling and sharing.

So... in an immigrant neighborhood in one of the most immigrant friendly countries on the planet, where diverse groups came together to work hard and make something of themselves and build a new life away from the wars or poverty or persecution of their native lands... they were happy😀

Okay, let's go back to the good old days!
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