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Originally Posted by flyingtart View Post
Since JFK it's a fact that every president has insured their life by having a worse VP.

Do you think US is ripe for breaking up? There's talk elsewhere of California seceding, and Texas makes noises from time to time. I've often thought it's too big for one man to satisfy every interest group.

It's looking more and more likely this will be the UK's fate, and not before time. Brexit is causing great ructions, not helped by May's inept handling of it. We live in interesting times.

Mohican has a running thread on US states and the question of secession. I still think probably not, but I can say that when every president since Ronald Reagan was elected, I was pretty sure I knew what they would generally do. Trump—I literally have no idea what he will do, or the reaction(s) that'll ensue. It's surreal. A giant reality show where you have no idea what's to come. Indeed, strange times. I wouldn't at this point want to make any definite predictions.

If a large state like California or Texas were to secede successfully, I think it would trigger a lot of other states to take a serious look at the option. California and Texas are so strategic to the United States, I don't know how or if the Fed would allow it.

When the south seceded, we went to war over it. But there were clear cut differences to fight over. Yeah, we've simplified the reasons and causes through revisionist history, but these days the states are so interdependent. I just don't see how the Fed would allow such a bid.
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