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Default Need help writing a prophecy

I posted this in the Fiction Forum and have not gotten a response. I thought this area might provide better results

My story involves a prophecy.

When Darkness fall across the land
Good versus evil one last stand

A child born from fire and water
Power far beyond all other

A child born from Earth and air

Master of one, master of all
Master of elements, evil will fall

When forces combine to win the fight
Darkness will be turned to light.

The premise of the story is that only those born from 2 elements can master all of them. Essentially both of them need to work together to defeat the darkness. I want it to read that either could fulfill the prophecy.

It is similar to Harry potter in the sense that the prophecy could be about either. Also the section about combining forces could be about combining the elements or about both of them working together. I want this double meaning.

It bothers me that it rhymes. It just doesn't feel like the right wording. I can't figure out what to say for the child of earth and air.

Any input is appreciated. Let me know if you need more info about the story.

Thanks in advance

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