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Default 100% free eBook publishing...

Hi everyone,
My name is Christian and I am the Marketing Director for (cringe) a new eBook seller called PagePusher. I promise once you watch a very short video, you will see how we are very different from the other guys (hint: active marketing integrated through the absolute largest online community). One of the more charmingly vocal members of this community suggested (in jest) that the ideal digital publishing service should be free. It was an inspired suggestion! So to see what everyone thinks of our unique service, we are making it 100% free to the first 50 users from Writerís Beat. And I do mean free. No up front costs and authors keep 100% of every book sale. Since we actually pay your biggest fans to tell their friends about your books, we are guaranteed to lose money on this, but the feedback should be priceless. Your only costs would be the minimal fee charged by PayPal when funds go from our PayPal account to yours. Watch the video and tell us what you think. Or even better, list one of your old books and try it out. I mean if itís free, what have you got to lose?

Watch the video here:

Use this promo-code on the ePub upload page to waive ALL our fees: WBFREE

Thanks and good luck!

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