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I think it's worth pointing out gross misrepresentation.

Getting less than 100 percent from a retail sale is normal. ]


Paying upfront fess is not "free". Waiving those fees for promotional purposes does not mean they are not there.

I think posts on this forum indicate that these people are not all that experienced or expert.
That use of video isn't just a matter of taste--it indicates a company mindset that places it in a certain school, if you will. It's important to differentiate betwee outfits who market to readers and those who market to, and make money off of, writers. You learn to spot clues.

But hey, far be it from me to trammel on the entrepreneurial impulse. Feel free to hook up with the guys if you really need to.
One thing you might consider (aside from that whole "world market vs new corner store" thing: being on this platform means you can't be on amazon's Select.

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