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Originally Posted by socal View Post
My hope and belief is that others will find value in my offer of 100% free publishing with 100% royalties.
That doesn't really make sense. 100% royalties go to the author? How is that a sustainable business model for you?
Or is that just a promotional rate you're using while you work out the kinks in the system?

Don't mind Lin. He seems kind of set in his ways and takes offence to any sort of non-traditional approach to things. I'm frankly surprised he doesn't write with an inkwell and quill instead of a keyboard.

I, on the other hand, appreciate new innovative ideas and take the time to explore them thoroughly.

My main concern with this, is that it seems that you're limited to tracking readers who engage with the PagePusher website or app. Is that right? In which case, doesn't that constrain potential readers solely to your userbase? Otherwise, how would you reward someone who isn't using the service? Furthermore, what's to stop someone from recommending books to dummy accounts they've created?

Your Twitter account currently has 0 followers. You say the process starts by getting 25 of our friends/fans to buy our book off you, but if we supply the book and the readers, what exactly are you providing? A reward scheme? A list of buyers? Both of which require them to register with your site? You even said 4/5 people will tell their friends about books they like anyway, so what difference does the reward scheme even make? Do you have any statistics/projections on that?

It seems like a pretty good idea in theory, but I'd want to see cold hard numbers before I got involved. I guess that's what this promotion is about...?
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