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Yeah, affiliate payments have to be the answer to much of this. Which is a pretty thin income stream.

Your comments on the wow-zow are well taken. So much of this stuff blares big numbers that don't really mean "readers" and sure as hell don't mean sales.

To me, the $150 puts the whole thing out of the question and the "special to you" waiver just sounds suspicious. I would wonder if anybody reading this thread will ever sell $150 worth of their books.

Nothing specially super with KDP, just what they do. Like Select--and I think this might disqualify a book from Select. I mentioned that and they didn't respond to it, so....
What I referred to was the whole complex of building reviews on amazon, smart use of the 5 Select free days, coupled with "layering" listings and promotions around those days.

If this isn't MLM, it's really close to it. What part of "you buiid a downline of readers who get points off" doesn't fit in with that?

But the HUGE factor is that fee.
Kevin McLaughlin, about as saavy a commenter/blogger on publishing as I know of, repeats that the acid test of publishing plans isn't "vanity", it's whether somebody charges both a fee and royalties.
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