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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Do we have an echo chamber? I’d love access to that room. Is it like Les Paul’s in the basement of the capital records building—?what fun!

Really though... I may make presumptions, but I asked a fairly simple question. I’m still waiting for an answer.

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For starts, let me begin by apologizing for posting on this thread. I generally steer away from these types of threads for the obvious reasons. I'm old and I've wasted too much of my life already on pointless back and forth that never goes anywhere. I'll be dead in a few years and I don't have time to waste on that shit (like I am now).

These type of conversations always digress into a game of straw men, where
you're not validly addressing any point but attacking a water-down caricature of what the other person's position is likely to be. (Oh, he thinks state's rights, therefore conservative, therefore pathologically ignorant and racist). In fairness to you, you're comments weren't quite such an exaggeration, but others were. It's like you hear the word "states rights" and you've heard everything you needed to hear, or your presuppose that's there's a singular rational for supporting state's rights.

People around the world have taken positions similar to state's rights in modern times and it has more to do with responsible governance than pre-Civil War thinking. I'm not saying that support it. My comment has more to do with the fact that you're not really talking a meaningful way. Very quickly, it broke down along left versus right and you're not really listening. You're slinging pre-packaged crap at self-invented target. It's all wretch and no vomit; it never gets anywhere. Except maybe you dig your trenches a little deeper among the tribe.

I'm sorry if it takes me too long to respond to your comments. I should have avoided this thread from the start. I've wasted too much time in here already.
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