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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Brian: I'm open minded to this. I'm an engineer, have a scientific mind. I'm not influenced by "Fox news", or Rush Limbaugh or whatever. I don't listen to much talk radio.

I have a fairly "green" footprint, so it's not about respect or lack of respect for environment.

A few years ago, while I had some slack time at the Pharma lab ran a colleague and I ran a few rough experiments with a small contained atmosphere of elevated CO2, and with introduced light and heat did not see temperature delta's from the same test run with atmospheric air. (I know, the atmosphere was collected from a midwest rust belt city, probably already had it's own superpolltants)

With that said, You are in error.

The Sun has cycles where it puts out more heat and lesser heat. It's proven that during ice ages that there is less solar activity.

Here is an article that grudgingly acknowledges that solar activity effects the earths temperatures

Another article on Maunder

And you're warming is backwards.
The Oceans warm/cool and then effect (affect) the atmospheric temps. The atmospheric effect on the oceans is limited to how much solar energy they let through to the Oceans. Salt water (and water in general) absorb and release much more energy than the atmosphere does.

the solar system has nothing to do with it. there are other planets to consider.
each planet including the solar system are perfectly aligned a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. each piece relies on the other to make the full picture. if one goes wrong all the other will. this is how it works.
climate change has everything to do with man.
a lesson in
life is a pound
in sound
it reminds us
it is expensive a fine
so bear one
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