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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Which is not to say we should avoid the obvious conclusion here. Climate change is accelerated by mans activities, yes, now what are we going to do about it? Are we going to impose draconian, business killing regulations to try and return the earth to its former state, or are we going to use our superior scientific intellects to figure out a solution thatíll allow most of us to live through the coming catastrophe?
i think the latter's the only hope left at this point. we suffered a massive coral bleaching event a couple of years ago because of a rise in sea temperature. and that wasn't too long after the corals recovered from el nino, which ravaged our reefs in the late 90s.

i love snorkelling and still do it from time to time. and i remember only too well when our reefs were vibrant and brimming with fish but the lagoons and reef slopes are shadows of their old selves. but the dead coral attracts many colourful parrotfish and anemones seem unperturbed by the increase in heat. snorkelling today is a sobering experience, though. as a person from an archipelagic nation, the effects of climate change seem so obvious. erosion plagues most of our islands, and if sea levels rise as predicted, we'll obviously be done for
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