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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
I'm not really joking. And I'm in the EXACT same boat.

I go through these phases where I don't read -- or I just pick up novels I've read and either pick through or reread them. Or I go back to short stores I've read over and over.

Truth is, I've never been a big reader. It's not all that easy for me. And my primary interest in literature came from my folks reading aloud to me.

I've heard so many times that if you want to be a really good writer you have to be a copious reader. If that's true, I guess I'm shit out of luck.

Audiobooks maybe?

I know what you mean about reading being difficult. I can never skim and get the meaning. I have to read every word and process it slowly for there to be value. Unfortunately, so many of the geniuses of mechanics are also wordy long-winded air-bags.
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