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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
When I was in college, I was busted for possession with intent to distribute and other drug related crimes. My parents weren't inclined to help and couldn't really afford to, but fortunately for me, my brother took on my legal expenses.

While serving my 3 weekends in jail and subsequently through volunteer work with parolees and people on probation, I've met people who had similar and even lesser offenses who did serious time and/or where saddled with much harsher sentences. Some naively go before the judge without a lawyer. Most are assigned overworked and inexperienced public defenders.

I had a lawyer who had lots of experience with my offense. He finagled a court date in front of a judge he knew. He told me what to do before my court appearance to make it look like I was cleaning up my act. He told me to keep my mouth shut unless I was specifically addressed. I stood before the judge, contrite, clean cut and white in my new suit and I got a slap on the wrist.

Most of us are aware of the inequities, but until you see it up close, I think it's hard for people to imagine how lopsided things are. Money makes all the difference. It's like there are two different legal systems.
That is one reason why I am not happy with Jeff Sessions as a pick for AG. The War on Drugs serves only to keep prisons full, and as the late 80s/early 90s Crack epidemic an now our heroin epidemic show seems powerless to combat real issues.
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