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Originally Posted by eripiomundus View Post
I believe in a white bearded man up in the sky who loves us so completely He had us kill His only son so that he could forgive us our sins. He's only God, after all. How could He possibly forgive us unless His son died first? Wouldn't make any sense. Not like He could just find it in His almighty heart to forgive us without bloodshed, could He? Especially since he's God and knows everything - knew we'd sin and made us that way all the same... No wonder He got mad at us!

Reminds me of the time He justly ejected Adam and Eve from Eden. I mean, He TOLD them not to! Just because he hadn't given them the ability to know right from wrong and they only gained that capacity once they'd partaken of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil doesn't mean He wasn't rightfully pissed. I mean, what parent wouldn't boot their newborn baby out for going doing what they explicitly told it not to do? Only fair.

Yep, my God is a good and just God, fulsome with rationale and fairness, with wisdom and patience, a nurturing and tolerant old bugger for whom the world spins only so He can make sure everyone is praying as per His wish.
Let's avoid looking at any particular religion, I intend to discuss this rationally and that isn't possible if we go into specifics.
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