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Originally Posted by Loser&Loner View Post
How can you know? The definition of god could just be incomplete? Like what if God could only exist in the minds of humans; that is still existance, especially because so many actions are carried out based on that belief.

Excellent answer. In my opinion, Agnostics don't bolt doors and are serious thinkers. I know of an Agnostic writer who started a book to debunk spiritual healers. It turned out the more deeper she dug into the spiritual-healing scene, the more she believed it because the healings were occurring right before her eyes. She ended up writing many books about the healing power of the Holy Spirit through the healers. Although she wasn't a channel herself for spiritual healing, she healed many through prayers. The woman, long deceased, had an incredible life. I guess some solid advice for all would be to seek first before drawing conclusions. In her case, she sought to expose fraudulent activities in a book, but she couldn't ignore the healings taking place right before her eyes.
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