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Default Joseph (Joe) Kemper

Warning: Some language and violence

My name is Joe. My best friend hung himself from an Oak tree in front of our high school. We grew up together in a small Florida town called Leeton. He was all I had. My father hates me and my mother, well, she's a good woman, but she can't really help me. Her solution to all my problems is to pray. I don't believe God even exists. If he did, he would have saved Jeff. Or maybe he just hated him as much as all the kids that bullied him just because he was gay. But who cares if he was gay? He was a good person and the only one I could ever connect with.

Well, there's this girl now. We're pretty good friends. I think I may want to be though.

But I can't really think too much about her right now. I can't seem to get myself to think about anything else but the assholes who killed Jeff. He may have hung himself, but they drove him to it. They killed my best friend and they don't even care. They think his death is a big joke. They laugh about it. They have to pay. I'll make them pay. They won't be laughing then.

I realize now that I needed to let go of my anger. The girl I love was caught in the line of fire and now she's gone too. It made me realize how out of control I was. I should have talked to someone. Instead, I shut everyone out and seethed in my rage. I wish I could take it all back. I wish hadn't taken that gun to school. If only I'd realized it then.

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