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Originally Posted by HesteN View Post
Bonus question: If you were to read a book of the first kind, imagine reading the last book of George RR Martin, and the heroes had traveled to another continent which previously were undiscovered, and all of a sudden elves or centaurs appeared - would you be disappointed? Mad? Excited?
If there are absolutely no mentions of elves and centaurs in a story and suddenly those beings appeared, as a reader I would feel confused and a little cheated. IMO, it sounds like a cheap move to shock the audience. However, if you allude to their existence (similar to what K.S said above -- have a character find the remains or incorporate it into your world's mythology), it can possibly work.

I personally enjoy your first idea, a cast of humans. Also, there are many societies and cultures you can easily pull from to make your world unique (instead of adding goblins and elves and orcs). Fantasy doesn't always have to be faux medieval England (which I assume is what you're basing it on, as you mentioned GRRM). Hell, if you want to stick to the medieval period, it would be a breath of fresh air to read about a world based on medieval Arabia or Russia... anything not inspired by Western Europe.
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