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Tip Contest

This is the Tip of the Day contest!
I will begin by posting my own tip.
  • Here are the rules, and where you can post your own entry for this contest.
  • Winners get .20 points which you can use to purchase goodies from the site.
  • A new winner is selected every day, so go for it!

Tip number uno:

The difference between lay and lie.

I know this may seem trivial, but many people use these interchangably and that just shouldn't be!

Well... when you "lay", you are doing it TO something.
For example: "I laid the book down on the table."

when you "lie", it is something YOU are doing.
For example: "I'm going to go lie down."

People commonly replace "lay" for "lie."
So saying something like "He is laying down" should instead be said as "He is lying down"

So now you know. Hope that helped!

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