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Tip number four:
Brought to you by: Panthere Noir!

Exercise your mental abs and pecs.
Here's an exercise I find helpful for that:

Subscribe to some "word of the day" mailing list or, alternatively, pick a word randomly off the page of a book or newspaper, then write up (without thinking too much about it) five sentences that contain that word, preferably only once. Try to finish within 10 - 15 minutes.

Here's how it goes, with "winter" the word in question:

Ah, life's ironies: having bragged to a friend that I made it through winter this year without even a sniffle when it was really cold a week or so ago, now I just caught a rather nasty cold during these last few warm days at its tailend.

I love winter in Tokyo, not just because of its drier than usual air - summer is horrid though: a free walk in steam bath every time you go outside - but because of the brilliant sunlight days so different from the greys of a mid-European one.

Caught in my own snare: Mulling over my random word, my mind caught on to an old Simon and Garfunkle song, and now I can't get "I am a rock" with its "a winter's day . . ." out of my head again.

My ranking of favourite seaons has changed with my move from Europe to Asia: Summer used to be my favourite there, and winter what I hated most; that has reversed now.

Having mentioned this tip to Perfect_Paradox, she suggested that I provide a demonstration if I post it; the randomly chosen word for that is "winter."
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