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Tip number six:
Brought to you by Panthere Noir.

Make your OWN writing time.

I can't believe that I didn't post this as the first ever tip I made here. Because it's one of the very basics for anyone who is serious about writing (actually, it also applies to serious about a relationship):

Don't "write when I can" or when "I find the time for writing."

Time isn't found, it's something you create. That is, naturally, not time absolute, but personal time. Time that you make, or don't, for yourself.

So, if there is something you really want to do, like writing (or spend time with a partner or friends), don't wait until you "find the opportunity." Create the opportunity: schedule your time for writing into your day or week.

Put it into your appointments diary right along the most important business meetings and your assignments at work or school.

This may sound - people have told me it does - as uncreative (and unromantic) as hell, it also does not in every hour assigned to writing result in a new master piece, but having that special space and time for your writing, which can result in anything from actually making progress on a story to just doodling and musing about, I have found can and does improve writing by simply changing the attitude towards it, from something like a minor hobby that you follow up on "when I can" to making it a serious part of your daily life. It will make a difference, that I know from experience.

And again speaking from personal experience, every time I've lapsed from that habit, I've ended up regretting it, in matters large and small.

- Great one Panthere! I loved this one. Keep them coming

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