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Tip number eight:
Brought to you by Haragorn.

Anti-writers block activity:

If you really have no idea what to do for a story idea, then do a simple exercise. Open the dictionary to random places, and pull out words. Assign each word a number, and run them through a random number generator. Then you just add some linking words, and you have a topic! It's somewhat complicated, so I'll just put an example below.

First, I open a dictionary to a random page and find a word in it. You can do as many words as you like, but I prefer six to eight. It would also work to just open a window with Google, and then type in a random letter. After hitting search, a list of links come up. You would choose the first word from each, or another random word.

The words I got are:
Organic, fastidious, abide, sauerkraut, transition, cotton, waistcoat.

Then I assign them numbers.
1) Organic, 2) fastidious, 3) abide, 4) sauerkraut, 5) transition, 6) cotton, 7) waistcoat.

I feed them into a random number generator site, like and have it scramble them.

The order I got was:

That is:
Organic abide cotton transition fastidious waistcoat sauerkraut.

Then, feel free to change forms of the words and add small words. For instance, I turned that into:
Organics abide the great cotton transition by fastidiously wearing waistcoat shaped sauerkrauts.

See? I mean, it's bound to be extremely strange, but it can get your brain working. Write a short story about it, then you should be over any writer's block, or anything else, that you may have. And hey, there's almost no chance of plagiarizing at all.
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