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Tip number ten:

How to shorten up those wordy sentences.

Sometimes the most common mistake any writer can make is... well... writing too much.
Wordy sentences aren't necessarily long sentences - they are instead defined by the fact that it's meaning could be stated in fewer words.

Inflated phrases:
This phrase can be cut with little loss to the meaing of the sentece, such as...
along the lines of - like
in the event that - if
in spite of the fact that - though, or although
because of the fact that - because

For example...
We will hire a backup in the event that if our current performer becomes ill.

Many times people also write redundancies - or say two words back to back that have virtually the same meaning, such as...
true fact
frist instinctive *winks at Panthere Noir*
cooperate together

For example...
Before leaving for their trip, dad told the family to only pack the basic essentials.

When you tighten up sentences, you have a stronger meaning, and your work feels more finished.
So fix up those sentences! I've heard the idea that "less is more" several times - and I'm certainly sticking by it.
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