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I applaud John Constantine for his succession of quotes of militant feminists

We should underscore and draw attention to the barbarism, infantilism and desire to castrate that imbues so much of the feminist movement.

Recently, on another writer's site, I provided an itemized listing of some of the faults and harms that men suffer. I was considered anti feminist for worrying about pain that befell men and was banned from the forum.

Likewise, in 1986, I argued, before a NY organization known as the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, that we should make AIDS, and fighting the illness and getting a cure, a central issue. One gay man said I was anti feminist because AIDS, primarily (At that time), was an illness that men sufferred. Of course, I was right: The number of AIDs cases in 1986 was a scintilla of the number of cases we had ten years later when the triple drug cocktails, which could suppress the virus, came on the market.

In 1994, when Lorena Bobbit cut off her husband's penis, many women cheered. (I always said that Bobbit and OJ Simpson were the two phenomena which made the Republicans sweep the 94 midterm elections)

BlueWPC suggests that the excesses of feminism are not worrisome because they do not have that much power. That's analagous to saying, in 1923, that Adolf Hitler is nothing to worry about because he is not in power.

Also, The rise of feminism is positively correlated with the collapse in the birthrate. In many European nations, the birthrate is beneath the replacement rate. Call me a retrograde old man, I don't give a damn. I happen to think that the civilization that gave us Wintson Churchill and Shakespeare and Dante and Thomas Paine and Galileo and David and Dostoyevsky must not perish from the earth.
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