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JC yeahhh its a little charged but the thing is Im 29 now and Ive seen that type of speech enough to recognize it as what I would dub the confession of the converted. Its very AAish. So theres that.
This is just another way of saying the abdication of an ideology sounds confessional. It doesnít explain why thatís a problem. It seems unavoidable. Unless weíre simply saying that the act of renouncing Marxism is wrong. Perhaps thatís more to the point.

As for being far right now. You are definitely on the road. You felt the need to rail against radical feminists and post modernism. I know youve been watching this stuff for a while because you were able to hit all the basic points about those topics, so youve internalized them and are able to give them out at will. You cared enough to troll the webs for quotes so its obviously enough to piss you off and youve probably been pissed for a while.
The point of the thread was really to explore some absurdities within modern leftist, Ďpolitically correctí, say, thinking. And I actually used a well-known socialist to make a point about free speech and thought crime -- which leads me on to MiloÖ

But what really tipped the scales in my opinion was Milo. Milo is a sack of shit popularly called a provocateur. Now he himself was once the leader of the alt-right way back in its inception in the gamergate days and ff you want to go down the list of the evil shit this guy has said be my guest.
Because I said that Milo is routinely shut down by liberal institutions? That's just true. I could say Ben Shapiro, or anyone of that ilk because they all face a similar issue. Ben Shapiro is a Jew who people label as a Nazi. Weíre just throwing these labels around without thinking it's just nonsense.

So I dont his banning as being an abdirgment of freedom of speech but insistence on a minimal standard of decorum and civility. And thats the contradiction I see in the alt-right which is of course now inextricably tied with fascism but its not the advocation for freedom of speech but the ability to say whatever you want with impunity.
In what fascist state in the history of forever did you have the ability to say whatever you want with impunity? Iíll refer back to 1984.

A lot of people in the movement it seems yearn for older days but if Milo had been around in the 50's they would have lynched him for even stepping on campus grounds. The thing is like I mentioned earlier you want to engage the best of people and so when you put forward a spokesperson you want them to be the best you can produce but if Milo was the best then hte movement was morally and intellectually bankrupt which of course it has proven itself to be because remember Trump is the heir of the alt-right movement.

So yes you are definitely on the path
Thatís all fine and all but I havenít said I yearn for the 50ís. Or that I love Milo or whatever.

But to sum up the ideas actually expressed:

To be truly liberal you mustnít give into the the traditionally fascist occupation of forcibly suppressing opposing views.

The assertion that objective truth does not exist is finding expression in things as bizarre as transracialism. This is just funny more than anything. Cultural appropriation much?

To yearn for freedom and to cry out for the centralisation of power is paradoxical.

We have a tendency to become that which we fight against, in fighting against misogyny feminism has shown a strong capacity for misandry and hypocrisy.

Sin is not heritable.

In the words of Robert Mugabe, if this makes me Hitler, then let me be Hitler tenfold.

(Can you imagine what would happen now if I was a public figure, non of my previous statements would matter, in the minds of the public I would forever be Hitler -- such are the times)
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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