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You know I don't really read fiction anymore. Its almost all nonfiction these days. I started rereading Catalain Avramescu's an Intellectual History Of Cannibalism and I first read that at twenty and had no idea what the guy was really getting at but now eight years later it all makes so much sense. One of the things I realized some years ago, and quite late I guess, is that you can't just pick something up and expect to understand it. Theres so much intertextuality between everything which actually makes sense from a cosmic perspective were all a continuation of the same temporal tapestry so logically everything must be interconnected its just that the number of the connections multiply exponentially and so it takes years and years to even get to a point where you can coherently speak of anything.

So here's me a while back stating some views in an interview. god I look like a retard and sound worse.

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