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The torture film, while obsessed with human depravity, depends for its life on existing outside civilization and so is robbed of any ability to comment upon it. An odd trait since horror so oft occurs in city and suburb. Perhaps horror is sterilized in the objective typfont of newsprint. Nevertheless a horror film may or may not end with the death of the final survivor but this is irrelevant because the structure of civilization is in no way threatened. How many centuries, how many millennia, must some end of the road murderer operate his abbattoir operate to equal the battle of Borodino?
Trying to pin down a point but it's proving tricky. You want horror to comment on civilisation, yet apparently this is impossible because it occurs outside of civilisation?

What does horror do? Not a lot, it's mainly an expression of something base and visceral. It's very rare that it tries to say much aside from:

-- humans are depraved

-- being murdered and such sucks

-- survival instinct is a mother

You could probably pick out exceptions but we're obviously making broader points here. We'd be dishonest to say that the genre as a whole is really trying to say anything meaningful. Most of it is lazy beyond belief. It's Friday the 13th today.

All those films can be summed up as 'big faceless evil man slashes to death a bunch of horny teenagers in the woods'.

OK let's give it a bash... is there something in the senseless murderer which wishes pain on the youthful, the attractive, the sexually active, the innocent in a rage against their own inadequacies and failures? And are they generally the victims of some cycle of abuse?

You could take those and run with them to make broader points about civilisation if you like.

That being said is that what we want... to be informed about civilisation through Horror -- as in, is that its job? Or do we just want to be frightened?
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