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[QUOTE=Enrigo;648639]So let's see if we got this right. From your viewpoint you are now 22 years old and the year is 1982. The story you are wanting to tell covers your life during the 60's and 70's and how it was affected by the rape. Is that correct? The reason I ask is because it is important to know in order to understand your point of view.

What is your ancestry?

All of the above is correct Enrigo . I am African American from the south Mississippi if I did not mention earlier . The stories will cove my life from the rape up until present day which I would be now in my 50's. The most life changing event up until 22 was the rape , but I have moved on , I think . Sometimes it haunts me not often but it sits in the back of my mind in my brightest moments making me wonder if they would not be brighter had not this happened to me . Or it makes me wonder if I would have obtained my goal sooner if this terrible thing had not happened to me . It has even caused me to doubt my faith at times .
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