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Icon4 How do I contact tech support?

I have been sent to this site by one of your users. I'm interested in looking at his posts, as they are relevant to something he wants to do with my group on LinkedIn.

Search did not produce any posts from the user. With some difficulty, I paged through this site's users until I found him but could not list any of his posts there either. I thought this might be because I was not registered to this site, so I joined.

Now I can no longer get search to function (the old search window) and I cannot find any search function now that I am logged in. (I have used this forum software, though maybe not this version of it, on other sites). The link for technical support does not work. The FAQ which has a blurb about moderators gives no information how to contact any. One moderator was online some time ago, so I sent an individual message. It was not answered.

I cannot post in the Technical Support forum.

What I would like is:
-the url to look up a user's posts
-the email addy for a moderator

It is noteworthy how difficult this entire process has been. Can't be good for attracting new users.

Thank you,

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