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Without warning, a stout, muscular dwarf stumbled in through the door. He had a bald head, except the giant, orange mohawk, towering across his pate, and an equally orange beard ending in big braids. He had brown, ragged pants of cloth, and no shirt, revealing his enormous muscles, and blue, tribal like tatoos. He stood with a huge, doublesided axe in his hands, ready to strike any foe.

"Where are they!? I'll slaughter each an' everyone o' ye' little pesky goblins!", he roared.
Then he realized that he were in a tavern, and he stood there in the middle of the room, mildly confused.
"Where is this? How did i get here?" he said with a bass voice. "Oh well, it seems it be my lucky day! O' anywhere i could've been randomly teleported to, 'twas an inn! Innkeeper, i wan' a keg o' your finest ale!".
He stomped through the inn, paying no attention to the other guests, and landed a big, fat, heavy pouch full of gold on the desk.
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