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a guard of the crown prince stands in the door way, the bear man recognizes the uniform - he steps into the light, dropping his plate and noisily to the floor, his word quickly in hand confronting him, two more guards join their comrade,

bear man's sword is swift as he decapitates two of the guards in a single swing. the third man is frightened so badly that his feet fail him and he falls to the floor,

the bear man picks him up off the floor. "I shall not dispose of your worthless ass today for I have a mission for you, tell your master that Wesley Roberts of the clan of the Gold Dragon is coming for him and I will flay him much slower than he did my brother." he tosses the man to the floor and then stomps his huge foot on the floor, jarring the building. "run fool will I am can still control my anger."

the man scurries out of the open door.

Bear man turns to the onlookers, holstering his sword, "I would like another kefir, if you please. Who will join me for I am in a good mood and will gladly pay."
if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.

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