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("...welcome to writersbeat, where I suppose the real question is whether one sees those readers at the other end of one's posts here for those other readers one imagines might yet read one's books eventually, but alas those type authors were many, and what should one think of an author who doesn't see his readers around him..." smiled the goblin not one to ignore what he had here already for what he might yet have elsewhere, explaining "...yes it's a blindness that costs real caliber writers dearly since more folks read "short interactive content" than most anything else, where what, I do ask myself, are these posts if not just short interactive content then, just that it's a pity that what readers want to read and what writers want to write never seems to find their happy medium today, thus on writer's forums writers go mostly unread while readers hunger for short reads...", whereupon the goblin simply hoped that Rich would just find his time here a springboard to his growing readership, before smiling to the words "...posts are not books I know, but they do have the same readers behind them, so need I say more than that then, or have I said too much already, either way there must be many millions of readers across forumland today all wait for the writers to notice them...")

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