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Originally Posted by Lingard View Post
Hi, this is the third time I've tried to post an introduction here. I live in a small coastal town south of Sydney, Australia. I work full-time, but have just finished a collection of 12 novellas (250 pages) involving two police detectives and set in the 1960's. Each story is a self-contained murder mystery, but they all connect together to form a (very) loose novel. I've been attracted to this forum because it seems to provide honest appraisal rather than just 'encouraging platitudes' (although there's nothing wrong with encouragement. I also like the idea that we can all comment on each other's work. I would like to publish my stuff, but I won't cry if I don't - because the real fun was the writing. In fact, now that I've finished these stories I feel lost and wish I could start all over again. Anyway, looking forward to contributing.

Will you be commenting on the work of others that you see posted on the site?
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