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Originally Posted by fleamailman View Post
"...welcome to writersbeat..." went the goblin ever out to meet new author, oh and normal folk too, while here now, here being online as it were where anyone could just be anything really, virtual reality was in its way just another type of fiction for all one tell, the two being quite interchangable here, whereupon the goblin turned his head slightly and explained something else to the words ", the problem is not what you yourself write now, which could be good bad or whatever even, but more "it's first getting them to read what you've written" that offers you your greatest challenge here, just how to feed to be fed back, how to make your case across to those who don't read like they did before...", he rubbed his chin slightly between his thumb and forefingers and continued "...not that I like to talk shop in and intro though, not that one sees many folks reading books neither for that matter, only that your books start from your posts really, where no one will begrudge you little posts like this, and where all you have to do is the means to turn your posts into your ambassadors...", not that you goblin could ever write a whole book now, he didn't need to though, somehow instead he knew that the reader would get caught in the plot if there were enough posts, or enough lines within those posts, but never too many lines, enough to suffice then, smiling "...naah, more folks read short interactive content, which in part are what posts are aren't they, than most anything else, me I see you by your posts, and you, well don't you see me by mine too, need I say more now or have I said too much already...", his welcome done the goblin simply bowed low and waved his hand for the forum doors to be flung open to allow yet one more author into its fold once more, where those days of the forum being some sort of "author's workshop" hardly seemed apt in the present day context, for readers were already reading one in one's posts however much one still wished it was like before when one's posts were there

Thank you, Goblin. I am honoured to receive your official welcome. I am wondering, though, what you are trying to tell me. Do you feel that the forum is not what it used to be? I wouldn't know. But I am a member of several forums (nothing to do with writing), and they all say that these forums are 'not what they used to be'. Perhaps that's true. Or perhaps it's the same as me saying that the world is 'not what it used to be'. I don't know. I will use this forum as best I can: I'm happy to give suggestions to others and I hope to get suggestions from others. Also happy to interact with others. I love the idea of an ongoing writers' workshop. Once again, thank you for your official welcome.
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