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Default Being Stabbed

So I've researched the mechanics of it, how it works, and how death from a stab wound is really about blood loss, etc...

However I can't seem to find anyone really describe what it 'feels' like. My character gets quite in trouble, and at one point gets stabbed, almost fatally. Does anyone know what it feels like? Or heard stories of what it feels like?

Is it painful right away? A sharp pain? A burning pain?

Does the pain come afterwards?

Does the pain dampen over time?

Does it hurt worse if the stabbing weapon stays in or is taken out?

Is the pain of a stab wound immobilizing?

The closest I've come to something like that is having my finger cut open, had to get a few stitches. It was a serrated blade and hurt right away, burning and sharp. The pain did go away after some time. Though it was still painful for a few days afterwards while it healed. But that's very different from a stab wound, I assume.

If you need info, my character get's stabbed in the lower left of his torso, near the kidney, with a medium sized knife, and it's taken out immediately.

He's also hit by two arrows, one in his shoulder and another in his thigh. The arrows go part way through, and they break and the pieces are left in him. At this point he needs to run away from people chasing him. Eventually these pieces are removed.

Hope someone can help!

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