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NEtherLand: Chapter Three

The upstairs bathroom was barricaded from the inside. Peepers had found hammer and a box of nails in a cupboard downstairs. Jasmine and Clark had busted apart some old wooden chairs from the kitchen, and the boards were nailed between the door and wall, sealing the room shut.

A queen sized bed mattress had been drug into the bathroom for the trio to sleep on, and was laid awkwardly on the floor, with its edge leaning against the toilet seat.

Jasmine had preferred to sleep in the bathtub, and had piled several large comforters into it for padding.

Only several minutes had passed since nighttime had arrived, and already the groans of the red-eyed-children could be heard outside. Their wails sounded like something from a horror film, and they refused to stop.

Peepers lay on the mattress with his feet by the door, and flashlight held against his chest. He had agreed to take first watch, and lay there thinking of home in Tower City.

Clark and Jasmine had managed to fall asleep, and were silently dreaming behind their eyelids.

Peepers pulled out a large coin from his backpack and flipped it around his fingers. It had been in his pocket the first day that he had woken up in Neatherland. There were things about this world he found extremely odd: the fact that he didn’t know his name or where he had come from; but he did know his age, and knew the coin he held in his hand was a half dollar.

Why should he be able to know what type of coin he had, but not his name?

When he had first been found by President Hawkins a little over a year ago he was close to insanity. Back then President Hawkins was just simply called Hawkins.

He had assumed the role of President when his predecessor had left Tower City. But before then, Hawkins had been a scout just like Peepers.

Hawkins had kept a close eye on Peepers the first night that he had met him. He would always insist on looking in Peepers’ eyes. He claimed that he was checking to see if Peepers was crying. Now that Peepers had lived in this world long enough, he knew what Hawkins had really been looking for.

A loud smash of a breaking window echoed from down stairs, bringing Peepers from his thoughts into the present.

Jasmine sat up in the bathtub, and Clark shot to his feet with balled up fists.

“Be very quiet,” whispered Peepers, “and don’t turn on your flashlights unless you absolutely have to.”

Jasmine and Clark nodded their heads, and remained silent.

Downstairs the group could hear dishes being smashed against walls, and screeches from one of the demonic looking children. Thumps could be heard on the stairs as feet stumbled on the steps. The screeches grew louder and moved closer towards the bathroom.

Clark heard a sniffle behind him. He turned and realized that Jasmine was crying. Her red hair was covering her face, and her thin fingers were wiping away thick tears that flowed from the red pits of her eyes.

Peepers held up a hand for her be quiet.

Clark climbed into the bathtub. He hugged Jasmine who was trembling, and he couldn’t help but feel relieved that she had finally let her tough girl front down; even if it was due to fear. “It will be ok,” Clark whispered into her ear.

Jasmine felt comforted that Clark was so close, and leaned against him.

A gentle rasping came from outside of the bathroom. Something was sniffing deeply, and reminded Clark of a hound dog.

The bathroom door handle shook, and the nailed boards flexed as pressure was placed on the door from outside. Then the door boomed as something slammed into it from beyond.

Peepers held up his flashlight and motioned for Clark and Jasmine to get ready to turn theirs on.

The sniffing started up again, and then a voice came from behind the door. “Roses are red, violets are blue, and I can smell all of you. Now open the door!”

The creature began beating on the door again, and was obviously kicking it with all of his might. The nails were starting to come out of the wood, and pushed out more with each hit.

“When that door opens use what I gave you,” said Peepers, no longer keeping his voice at a whisper. “These things don’t play fair, but we have protection against them.” He held up his flashlight again as if it were a symbol of his faith.

“It would be easier for you to open the door,” said the voice. “I just want to go outside and play and you are keeping me from it!”

Jasmine looked at Clark and clenched her jaw. Clearly some of the fighting spirit was returning.

A nail popped out of the door frame and fell to the tiled floor with a metallic clink. Soon several nails were laying on the ground and boards as well.

A thin white hand slipped through the door, which was now partially open. Clark used the butt of his flashlight and pounded the top of the hand as hard as he could. For a moment the hand was pinned between the wall and flashlight, and the creature howled with rage.

When Clark removed his flashlight the hand darted back behind the door, and a large dent was in the drywall.

“You’ll pay for that!”

The pounding began again and Peepers said, “Get ready!”
The door burst open and a large kid of about fifteen was standing on the other side. He wore all black like the children Jasmine and Clark had seen prior, and his eyes glowed crimson. His teeth were jagged and pointed, and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth. Fog rolled from the creature’s skin and out of his mouth.

The fog flowed over the floor like water, and slowly began filling the bathroom.

The kid smiled an evil smile. “Now you are mine!”

“Take this instead!” Peepers pointed his flashlight at kid in black.

The monster opened his eyes wide, and shrieked. Peepers flicked on his flashlight and sent a stream of white light directly into the face of the creature.

The kid screamed wildly and flew backwards as if it by a wrecking ball. He slammed into the wall behind him, and pieces of drywall fell to the ground.

Peepers held the light on him, and he flopped on the ground like a fish out of water. After several seconds of flopping and shrieking the monster quickly darted down the hallway, out of the lights reach.

More footsteps could be heard crashing through the house now, quickly running up the stairs.

“Wait!” The raspy voice shouted to the others. “They have flashlights in there.”

“Flashlights?” asked another voice. “They must be from The Tower.”

“One of them is. The other two look like newcomers.”

“How will we get them out of there?” asked another voice. “The boss will be angry if we fail to bring him back any converts this time.”

“We wait them out,” said the familiar voice. “Their batteries cannot last all night, and there is a long night ahead, indeed.”

“I have a whole backpack full of batteries,” Peepers lied. “It will be well after dawn before they get all used up!”

“We shall see,” came a reply. “But I know a lie when I hear one.”

“What do we do?” asked Jasmine.

Peepers looked at her and smiled. “We play our odds that our flashlights can last all night.”

“And if they can’t?” asked Clark.

“Then they’ll get us….”
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