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If it's inappropriate for me to post to this thread, please delete.

I think that the loss of strong voices is the issue. A format for posts won't take the place of the ones who are trying to do well while helping others to step up their own work.

Not listening to critiques is the cancer. Not really wanting to improve regardless of where you start out is the slow loss of blood that kills. I don't think there's a way to force things one way or another. Boot the bad tempered and promote civility. I don't think you could be expected to do more.

I see where we were and where we are now. It's impossible not to notice. But things are getting better. I want to encourage all of you who spend your time making this a destination for us. You're all wonderful, hardworking and intelligent, and many of us are indebted to you for your efforts.

I'll stay if you'll stay. I've thought many times about leaving lately. But something brings me back. I think it's all of you, the permanent good, that inhabits this wonderful work in progress. Take heart, keep doing what you've been doing all along and market forces will repair the damage. There is a market for good feedback and new blood and old hands and even tearful farewells. Throw ideas around to improve engagement. We need that.

But leave here today knowing that what you do matters, and we have taken notice of the work behind the scenes that keeps the Great Oz Great and the Beat beautiful.
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