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Default Emily 'Em' Taylor

Hello, I'm Emily Taylor, I'm 25, and was born on the Forth of July 2345 in Oklahoma City the capital of the United States. I worked as a society reporter for the Daily American. You know dog shows, ice cream socials, crap dead end stories like that. Then I got the opportunity to make my career.
I live in a world of male domination and it's been that way since 2182, it's a time frame most refer to as the war of 82, 2081 until 2182. Anyway. I got a chance of a lifetime when the new war with the Bastards, that's not a bad word it what Earth calls them - The Bastards.
well, anyway, because I had a security clearance to report on high brow dog shows I was able to take a slot as a war correspondent. Don't even think that I can't take care of myself. I had a uncle when I was growing up that taught me to box, girls weren't allowed in the golden gloves but I could help train the boys that could compete - I was a hell of a lot better than they were. I could have knocked any of them out cold before the ringing of the bell had left the air they would have been on their back on the mat -


Sorry, didn't mean to yell; sometimes I get carried away.

Anyway, I guess you should know that I don't care much for men in general; except Captain John "Jack" Baker. I love him, we cohabitate.

The trip to space was a adventure, maybe a misadventure. I 'accidently killed a man on Moon Base Alpha'. yes it was an accident, let me explain - You see, There was this bar fight and I got trapped in a corner. This man came... well he was pulling down his pants and... I hit with a table leg, I swing it like a ball bat and... well, he didn't make it.

I met several members of the Consortium when I got to The Keep, that's a space station. Oh the consortium is the governing body for the Libertines - They run The Keep. They're smugglers and after the event at Moon base I sort of just... Well, I was blackmailed, over the moon base deal into doing some bad things.

Anyway that's how I became who I am three mounts later, I joined the Libertines, I'm a Ensign in their space navy. I have fought in three nasty fire fights. I got dozens of people killed; not so proud of that, but I am proud that I killed a bunch of the enemy, maybe a thousand; men, women, children, and their pets.

I serve now as a Brevet Lieutenant, in the Libertine Forces. I am Captain and Master of the War Dragon Azure. we're going to kill every one of these bastards. That was the derogatory from of the word not the name of the enemy we are fighting.

That's all.

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