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There were no facts. Only interpretations, and one of us has a way. l had my way, as for the best ways, the most correct and loneliest of us, it does have to have existed. The person that always had to undertake being overcome by the tribe.

lf you tried it, you shall become lovely all the while, and sometimes frightened. But at the cost!

Whoso fought their monsters could’ve foreseen to it, that in the practice, we love life! We, those who are used to living it, love life! But for this, it is because we are grown accustomed to love. l loved with the loving that was more than love. Yet, the ones which do kill for us, make us all the more strong. Than ever! Love, they said, is blind. So they say it’s blinded by me. Friendship shutters its eye. But the cost, tall face and smokes, is to pay for the price of owning yourself.

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