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Getting started
George stopped typing and struggled with a wave of self-doubt. Getting out of bed in the morning was hard enough. Getting out of bed because you had something to say to the world was almost impossible. Most mornings he wondered if anything he thought made any sense or was meaningful in anyway. Where did he ever get the idea he could make a living being a writer?

Everything made him think and wonder. From - why is the sky blue? - as a child to - what makes people do such hateful acts? - as an adult. With all these thoughts and questions he must have something to say that was worth hearing. Or so he had thought when he was younger and much more naive.

Originality had been very important to him, in fact, more important then being relevant. But it felt to him that everything original had already been said by someone else. If originality was non-existent, then everything in life was derivative. Even the sigh that escaped him at this moment had already been sighed by someone else for exactly the same reason.

George got up from his desk and walked around the room. If there were no more original thoughts what about original ways of thinking? After all the wheel was not an original thought but a pneumatic tire which was based on it was a new twist. Could it be that original ways of thinking filled the void left by the lack of original concepts?

He went into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. ‘Where is the plot line you had growing in your head?’, he thought.

He washed his face, went back to his desk and started typing.
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