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Some of the people that voted for tRUMP are racists.

Some of the people that voted tor Hillary are racists.

Hillary's husband and her husband's VP courted racists, especially in the 1992 election.

If some of tRUMP's supporters are racist, then some supporters for The Wall are racist.

A lot are not, and what those on the "other side" can't seem to see is branding all who oppose the wall as racists is counterproductive - if unity is what you are seeking. If you are seeking to further divide then branding everyone is just a smashingly successful strategy.

There have been quite a few notable terrorist incidents in the US from 9/11/2001 forward, and the vast majority of them have been from people that have a strict, orthodox view of the Koran. To ignore that is foolishness.

To claim that the vast majority of resistance to illegal immigration is is a hatred of brown people is to bring things below the level of a Facebook argument - into the sub-basement of stupidity.

It's like giving interviews on why you lost a race for the presidency of the US and not recognizing that calling 25% of the population a basket of deplorables is incredibly tone deaf and divisive itself.
If you surrender a civilization to avoid social disapproval, you should know that all of history will curse you for your cowardliness - Alice Teller

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