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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
"Based a platform" would be an overstatement -- but to a large number of Trump supporters -- not all of course -- hatred (or at the very least mistrust and prejudice) toward minorities was part of the appeal. See The Wall and the Muslim ban he talked about during the campaign.
I find it difficult to over-simplify things like that. To me it's like saying Obama and his supporters hate Russians because of all the anti-russian rhetoric, the hacking scandal and the sacking of Russian diplomats.

Without going into whether these are smart moves or not -- if you sack a bunch of diplomats purely because they're Russian, is this distrust and prejudice against minorities, or is it an extreme measure taken in extreme (or at least perceived to be extreme) circumstances?

And in turn it's no good in my view just saying anyone who's concerned about migration from war torn countries in the Middle East and North Africa is just paranoid, prejudice and heartless because all these people are just fleeing conflict looking for a better life. Again this works on the assumption that people really know what's going on, that we know who the good guys and the bad guys are, and it's all very simple to understand. This kind of thinking has only made things worse in my mind, it's the kind of thinking that leads to a policy of arming all the good guys thinking everything will be fine.
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