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(Approx. 700 words)

"And She Was His Beloved"

It was a cold winter and Laura Barton felt alone. She was twenty-nine, living with her mother - she told mom it was to help her but really, she was too nervous to live alone. Her friends had boyfriends now and didn’t see each other much. She hated to be envious, but was tired of seeing couples arm-in-arm. Friends tried to fix her up, but she turned them down.
"Please," Laura begged, "no more blind dates! I can’t sit through another night with some grabby man."

She decided that, rather than watch others be happy, she would stay in her room and read about romance. With a wistful sigh, Laura closed her romance novel, "And She Was His Beloved."

Her mom said she was too desperate. Relax, and someone great would come along. Mom was probably right. Laura tried to act sophisticated, but even a sophisticated clock keeps ticking. Sometimes it was so loud, she thought others could hear, too. She’d had one or two boyfriends, but that was in her early twenties - and it wasn’t the binding love the women in her novels always seemed to find. They were loved beyond compare by a man that would never leave.

"Well," she thought, "if I can’t meet anyone, I might as well write a novel about my dream man."

She wrote down her loves features. Blonde wavy hair, steel-blue eyes, a six-pack stomach and broad, strong shoulders. Next, she needed a romantic country. "I know," she said. "Bali." Since she knew nothing about it, she asked her mother.

"No, dear, I don’t know anything about it. Why don’t you do some research about it in the library."

"Great idea, Mom, thanks. I’ll go now." At least she’d get out of the house for awhile.

"Oh. I thought you’d have lunch now," said her mother warmly.

She grabbed her coat. Excitement rose in her at the idea of writing her first romance novel.

"No, thanks. I’ll eat when I come home."

The library was only a few blocks away, so she was able to walk it easily. She hadn’t realized how cold it was getting, and she felt the wind go through her.

Finally, she reached the library door and, inside, looked for the librarian Mrs. Jenkins. A handsome man sat behind the librarian’s desk. Her eyes widened. Getting up the nerve, she went to him and asked if he could help her find a book about Bali.

"Certainly," he said, a big smile passing his sensual lips. He was tall, ruggedly built, broad shoulders. He worked out - probably at home. If he was he was the new librarian, she was certainly elated. Of course, no one ever said librarians couldn’t be handsome. Looking through the shelves, he found the book. "Here it is," he said. "I think this will really help your research."

"Oh, thank you. Yes, this will be great," she managed to blurt out. She was picturing his strong arms around her and him bending down to kiss her eager lips. To her surprise, she heard herself asking if he’d like to go for a cup of coffee. The words were barely audible, but he had heard. And, to her shock, she heard him say yes.

"I get off at 4 p.m. Can you wait around ‘til then?"

She nodded, unable to speak. She waited quietly in the corner, perusing a magazine, when Mrs. Jenkins appeared. She waved for Laura to come over.

"Hi, honey," Mrs. Jenkins said sweetly. "I’d like you to meet my son, Craig."

She then began waving at the handsome man to come over. Laura’s face began to turn beet-red.

"Did I say something wrong," Mrs. Jenkins asked.

"No, mom," Craig smiled. "We’ve already met. We have a date for coffee."

"Oh, silly me," Mrs. Jenkins chuckled. "I should have known you two would hit it off."

As Craig and Laura walked out arm-in-arm, the cold day suddenly seemed warmed and bright. She wouldn’t have time to start a romance novel. And as they left the library, she heard Mrs. Jenkins saying on the telephone, "Yes, Mrs. Morgan, they’re walking out together as we speak... Isn’t that wonderful!"

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