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Wonder if Trump read and understood Sun Tzu

That's probably a fraction mustard seed hope
I can't make fun of a man I've never met

If he wrote a poem tho.. I could tell you what kind of man he is.
haha. I dare, I'd love to see a poem by Trump. And his handwriting.
Scribblydegook? Or prestige? Is news fake or real? Does the man really have dementia? Or what else they want to give him? I don't read enough of the rats crap, you guys here at WB are all I need right?

WB. Does anyone else think of the frog from Warner Bros? I do.
Anyone eat a frog?
Tell me what it tastes like:

Oh. Sorry. A woman though'th and farted out a comment and, what, zzzsleep

A Man Think'th by James Allen is so very short, that perhaps I will library the rest into this thread for posterity -- or for pleasure before the embers
i didnt do it, except
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