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Default The Conscious Bullet

“Hotshot” Rubinedi, a genial young man, a man involved with the wrong people, stepped out of his black ford escort and pointed the gun at his perp. His perp was a balding man with big thick rimmed glasses, the bespectacled man looked up Rubinedi, “Don't shoot!”

The man's eyes widened, his mouth opened, his facial skin stretched, Rubinedi closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. The bang echoed through the streets then stopped at its loudest point. All sound stopped. The balding man was hunched over with his arms covering his face, sweat paused on his face. Rubinedi opened his eyes and looked around. Everything was frozen. The bullet was in front of him, it had stopped in mid air. Rubinedi looked around, he was scared. He had already been nervous as hell because he was about to commit murder, and now, what was this? He had seen enough movies to know that something supernatural was happening, everything had stopped except him, he didn't know what to make of it.

He looked at the bullet in thin air, it had now turned upright, it seemed to have life within it. It turned around and there was a mouth. The bullet had a mouth. It flew through the air closer to him. “Watcha doin bub!” it said in a thick Italian accent. Rubinedi was in shock he didn't know what to say. He screamed.

The bullet flew right next to Rubinedi's ear and yelled, “Hey jerkoff! Don't yell, I said watchoo doin!”

Rubinedi, backed up in fright. The bullet moved right in front of his eyes. “Hey shittard, ya know what ya just did? You know what you just did? Ya dumb a summin?”

“Stop! What are you! Am I dead?” Rubinedi screamed.

“No ya not dead. I can't say so much for that poor schmuck, ya just shawt at him! I can't believe watchoo just did! You just pulled da trigga! Look a dat guy!”

Rubinedi looked at his victim, he hadn't been shot yet but he would only have another split second of life, unless he was in some kind of locked in state. Maybe he was alive in there watching it all, just paralyzed, Rubinedi thought. That would be scary. The bullet moved forward into Rubinedi's forehead. Everything went black for a second, pictures of Rubinedi's life flashed through his mind, it's all over, Rubinedi thought, he just wanted to hug his mother. The bullet pulled itself out of Rubinedi's head. “Get a hold of yaself!”, the bullet exclaimed. Rubinedi had his life back.

“Now lissen up and I'll letcha live. Alright?”

“Yeh. Alright. I hear ya.” Rubinedi said in a nervous tone.

“Do you undastand the severity of ya actions. Ya just tried ta kill someone. Ya undastand that. Ya know what that means. Ya dumb schmuck”

“uuuuuhhhh, I don't know man, Ima sorry alright. Please, man just stop dis. I don't know whats goin on.”


“Ya I get it I shouldna a done that! I'll never do it again.”

The bullet flew back to where it was when time had stopped. It let Rubinedi know that this guy he was shooting was Jerry Morricone. He looked at the man's face and saw it, yeah this guy was a bit older but it was Jerry, his old friend from gradeschool.

"That's Jerry" Rubinedi said quietly. He was overcome with guilt.

“You're an idiot!” The bullet yelled. “This guy had a life, a family.”

The surroundings had changed. It was now Christmas Eve. Rubinedi stood next to the bullet in, they were in the Morricone residence. Jerry took a shot of whiskey in the kitchen then walked into the living room to help his kids open the gifts he and his wife had gotten. His wife was a real looker. She looked at Jerry with warmth and love. The kids ran up to their dad and kissed him.

“Ya see whatcha did, you killed this family. Ya killed em.” The surroundings changed back to normal, they were back in the streets of New York City.

“Can I stop this” Rubinedi questioned. “I don't wanna do this anymore.” Rubinedi said to the bullet.

“Welp, sorry bub. I'm glad ya see that whatcha did was wrong. But I can't stop the progression of time, it has to happen. But now ya know.”

Time started again. The bullet moved forward into Morricone's chest. Rubinedi dropped to his knees and began to cry.

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