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In the morning, I have a cup of coffee. It always makes me shit and you never want to carry around the previous day's shit with you; you want a fresh start. After my morning coffee, I'm done with it. I've never understood how people could swill it all day (unless it's an Irish coffee). The few times that I've consumed more than my morning cup I always fell victim that staggering zombie cracked out feeling.

Throughout the day, I'll drink tea. Sometimes, I order various blends of loose leaf tea from places like Adagio or Tea Republic. I tend to enjoy gunpowder and jasmine. I'm okay with drinking black tea, but if your tea experience is limited to your standard box of Lipton, you should really branch out. There's a ton of shit out there. I usually have some Earl Grey on hand.

I've been drinking more green tea recently. I like the flavor for one thing, but I also like to bullshit myself into believing that I'm doing something healthy.
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