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--What you will find at the library or online is a reference called The Writer's Market Place. It has a list of publishers and agents, what type of materials they are looking for, and how to submit. You will want to follow each agent's/publisher's query specifications to T
--You're better off finding a smaller publisher that accepts unsolicited queries from unpublished authors. You'll find that 90% of the literary market is controlled by 5 big publishers
--Once you identify a list of agents/publishers who are a good fit, draft together a query letter. Spend time researching effective query letters. The average literary agent receives 5,000 query letters per week. That means that your query letters needs to be wonderful; it needs to make them really really really really really want to read it
--You WILL get more than a few rejections; they may all reject you. If they're kind enough to send you a rejection letter, it is usuall cookie-cutter vanilla piece of crap. "Thank you.... blah, blah, blah... but unfortunately.... blah, blah, blah." Few agents or editors will ever give specific feedback on why they don't like your submission. It's becoming more common now for publishers and agents to not even send a rejection letter. Instead, their web sites will say "if you haven't heard from us in X amount of time, consider your submission rejected".
--If you're going to try to get your book in at one of the 5 big publishers, you need to make sure that your story is riddled with social justice warrior-ing. I know that's a controversial term, but I'm just being real with you. If your protagonist has a penis and he's not at all confused about what to do with, then consider your book rejected. If the term privileged can be added to any of your character's modifiers just forget about it. However, if your protagonist is an FTM Asian midget with no arms who self-identifies as a unicorn and rejects all forms of patriarchal pronouns, you don't even need to have a plot. They'll publish it on the spot and hold a three-day parade for you in New York City and give you a shiny gold plaque stating how wonderful you are.
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